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airport click to hear : airport

Location that contains all the technical and commercial facilities needed to support air traffic.
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maneuvering area apron service road taxiway by-pass taxiway high-speed exit taxiway control tower cab control tower taxiway access road passenger terminal maintenance hangar parking area radial passenger loading area taxiway line boarding walkway service area telescopic corridor

maneuvering area click to hear : maneuvering area

Area crossed by an aircraft to enter or exit a parking spot.

apron click to hear : apron

Lane used by aircraft for entering or exiting the maneuvering area.

service road click to hear : service road

Lane reserved for airport service vehicles.

taxiway click to hear : taxiway

Lane used by aircraft for entering and exiting the apron.

by-pass taxiway click to hear : by-pass taxiway

Branch for right turns.

high-speed exit taxiway click to hear : high-speed exit taxiway

Lane linking the landing runway with a taxiway that is used by aircraft after landing to free up the runway.

control tower cab click to hear : control tower cab

Glassed-in office where the air traffic controllers coordinate aircraft movement such as takeoff, landing and flight.

control tower click to hear : control tower

Structure supporting the control tower cab, which provides a wide view of the runways and terminals.

taxiway click to hear : taxiway

Lane used by aircraft for entering or exiting a takeoff or landing runway.

access road click to hear : access road

Part of the network of roads serving the airport.

passenger terminal click to hear : passenger terminal

Structure through which passengers pass before or after their flight to pick up or leave their baggage and to go through customs.

maintenance hangar click to hear : maintenance hangar

Structure where aircraft are maintained and repaired.

parking area click to hear : parking area

Area where aircraft park between flights for maintenance or overhaul.

radial passenger loading area click to hear : radial passenger loading area

Pavilion for passengers to reach aircraft that is linked by an underground corridor or by vehicles with the main terminal.

taxiway line click to hear : taxiway line

Yellow line painted on the ground that shows aircraft the route to follow on the apron or the maneuvering area.

boarding walkway click to hear : boarding walkway

Underground corridor linking the main terminal with a radial passenger loading area.

service area click to hear : service area

Area around an aircraft that is reserved for service vehicles and ground crew attending to arriving or departing aircraft.

telescopic corridor click to hear : telescopic corridor

Mobile corridor connecting the passenger loading area with the aircraft.