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runway click to hear : runway

Strip of land on which an aircraft speeds up before takeoff or brakes after landing.
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runway side stripe markings runway center line markings runway designation marking holding area marking runway threshold markings runway touchdown zone marking fixed distance marking exit taxiway

runway side stripe markings click to hear : runway side stripe markings

Wide solid white line that marks the edges of the runway.

runway center line markings click to hear : runway center line markings

Wide broken white line that shows the center of the runway.

runway designation marking click to hear : runway designation marking

Number that, when multiplied by 10, shows the runway’s position in relation to magnetic north.

holding area marking click to hear : holding area marking

Line that shows an aircraft where to wait for clearance from the control tower before entering the runway for takeoff.

runway threshold markings click to hear : runway threshold markings

Longitudinal lines painted at each end of the runway to show its limits.

runway touchdown zone marking click to hear : runway touchdown zone marking

Pair of lines painted at each end of the runway that shows where aircraft should touch down on the runway.

fixed distance marking click to hear : fixed distance marking

Lines painted at regular intervals so that pilots can gauge distances on the runway.

exit taxiway click to hear : exit taxiway

Lane connecting the runway with a taxiway so that incoming aircraft can exit the runway as soon as possible after landing.