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passenger terminal click to hear : passenger terminal

Structure through which passengers pass before or after their flight to pick up or leave their baggage and to go through customs.
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lobby hotel reservation desk baggage claim area baggage check-in counter railroad shuttle service information counter conveyor belt parking lot automatically controlled door ticket counter platform observation deck customs control freight reception freight expedition passenger transfer vehicle boarding room flight information board duty-free shop passport control security check

lobby click to hear : lobby

Large entrance hall of the terminal for passengers and the people accompanying them.

hotel reservation desk click to hear : hotel reservation desk

Counter where a hotel room can be reserved.

baggage claim area click to hear : baggage claim area

Area where the baggage conveyor belt emerges for passengers to pick up their luggage.

baggage check-in counter click to hear : baggage check-in counter

Desk where an employee checks and weighs passengers’ baggage and issues boarding passes.

railroad shuttle service click to hear : railroad shuttle service

Train that runs frequently between the terminal and the city or the nearest station.

information counter click to hear : information counter

Desk where information can be obtained about flights and ground transportation.

conveyor belt click to hear : conveyor belt

Mechanized rubber belts transporting luggage from the reception area to the baggage claim area.

parking lot click to hear : parking lot

Area for parking vehicles.

automatically controlled door click to hear : automatically controlled door

Door automatically opening and closing for people to go through.

ticket counter click to hear : ticket counter

Desk where an airline or travel agent sells tickets for flights.

platform click to hear : platform

Area bordering the track for passengers to enter or exit the railroad shuttle service.

observation deck click to hear : observation deck

Mezzanine that is open to the public and overlooks the departure and arrival area and the runways.

customs control click to hear : customs control

Booth where passengers from international flights show their passports upon arriving and declare any imported merchandise.

freight reception click to hear : freight reception

Room where luggage and cargo that have been unloaded from the cargo hold are transferred to the conveyor belt, which in turn moves them to the baggage claim area.

freight expedition click to hear : freight expedition

Room where luggage and cargo are inspected, sorted and loaded onto carts transporting them to the aircraft.

passenger transfer vehicle click to hear : passenger transfer vehicle

Vertically adjustable vehicle with a cabin for transporting passengers between the aircraft and the terminal.

boarding room click to hear : boarding room

Room where passengers wait before boarding.

flight information board click to hear : flight information board

Panel listing and updating all the airport’s arrivals and departures as well as the flight departure gate numbers.

duty-free shop click to hear : duty-free shop

Store located near the boarding room where tax-free goods are sold (e.g., perfume, alcohol, leather goods).

passport control click to hear : passport control

Booth where passengers show their passports before entering or leaving the boarding room.

security check click to hear : security check

Mandatory checkpoint for passengers before boarding where their identification and luggage are inspected.