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air transport image

air transport
The equipment and installations required to transport passengers and cargo by air.

long-range jet image

long-range jet
Aircraft that transports passengers and cargo traveling long distances at high altitudes (between 10,000 and 12,000 m).

flight deck image

flight deck
Compartment that contains navigation equipment and controls and from which the crew pilots the aircraft.

turbofan engine image

turbofan engine
Jet engine with a fan and two airflows; one airflow passes through the combustion chamber and the other bypasses it.

examples of tail shapes image

examples of tail shapes
Moving and fixed surfaces that are located at the tail of the aircraft for steering and stabilizing it.

examples of wing shapes image

examples of wing shapes
From one era to the next and depending on the type of aircraft, the shape and position of the wings in relation to the fuselage has varied.

forces acting on an airplane image

forces acting on an airplane
Physical phenomena that affect the movement of an aircraft in flight.

movements of an airplane image

movements of an airplane
Changes exerted on an aircraft in flight that affect its behavior; a pilot must know how to correct them.

helicopter image

Aircraft whose lift agent is a rotor on a vertical axle.

airport image

Location that contains all the technical and commercial facilities needed to support air traffic.

examples of airplanes image

examples of airplanes
Ever since the first airplane, Éole, in 1890, the shape of aircraft has evolved constantly as new aerodynamic discoveries were made and engine power increased.

examples of helicopters image

examples of helicopters
Because they can take off and land vertically, helicopters are more effective than airplanes in certain situations.