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examples of wing shapes click to hear : examples of wing shapes

From one era to the next and depending on the type of aircraft, the shape and position of the wings in relation to the fuselage has varied.
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delta wing variable geometry wing tapered wing straight wing swept-back wing

delta wing click to hear : delta wing

Thin triangular wing that is especially aerodynamic.

variable geometry wing click to hear : variable geometry wing

Arrow-shaped wing found on combat aircraft; the angle it forms with the fuselage can be changed in flight.

tapered wing click to hear : tapered wing

Wing that is perpendicular to the fuselage and whose width decreases toward the tip.

straight wing click to hear : straight wing

Long wing of consistent width and perpendicular to the fuselage; it is found on low-speed planes such as cargo and light planes.

swept-back wing click to hear : swept-back wing

Arrow-shaped wing that is found on jet planes.