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flight deck click to hear : flight deck

Compartment that contains navigation equipment and controls and from which the crew pilots the aircraft.
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air data computer transponder first officer’s seat flap lever control console engine fuel valves communication panels throttles captain’s seat systems display speedbrake lever control wheel control column primary flight display navigation display standby altimeter standby airspeed indicator standby attitude indicator windshield engine and crew alarm display autopilot controls landing gear lever overhead switch panel lighting speaker

air data computer click to hear : air data computer

Computer that calculates the flight parameters (speed, altitude and course).

transponder click to hear : transponder

Instruments that, with the autopilot, control the engine power and guide the aircraft on its course.

first officer’s seat click to hear : first officer’s seat

Right seat occupied by the copilot, who is second in command.

flap lever click to hear : flap lever

Control stick that activates the wing slats and the trailing edge flaps.

control console click to hear : control console

Component located between the two seats that contains part of the instrumentation.

engine fuel valves click to hear : engine fuel valves

Knobs for opening and shutting the fuel supply to the engines.

communication panels click to hear : communication panels

Panel for selecting radio frequencies on which pilots can send or receive.

throttles click to hear : throttles

Control levers for the engines; they regulate speed and thrust.

captain’s seat click to hear : captain’s seat

Left seat occupied by the pilot, who is in charge of the flight and the crew.

systems display click to hear : systems display

Screen that controls various systems, such as air pressure and the electric and hydraulic circuits.

speedbrake lever click to hear : speedbrake lever

Command stick that releases the wing flaps to brake the aircraft immediately after landing.

control wheel click to hear : control wheel

Lever that activates the control column from back to front and from side to side.

control column click to hear : control column

Steering component that causes an aircraft to bank to the left or to the right and to ascend or descend.

primary flight display click to hear : primary flight display

Screen that shows the main parameters necessary for piloting (aircraft’s position in relation to the horizon, altitude and course).

standby altimeter click to hear : standby altimeter

Instrument that shows the vertical distance between the aircraft and the ground; it is used in the event the flight display fails.

standby airspeed indicator click to hear : standby airspeed indicator

Instrument that shows the aircraft’s speed; it is used in the event the flight display fails.

standby attitude indicator click to hear : standby attitude indicator

Screen that shows the aircraft’s position in relation to the horizon; it is used in the event the flight display fails.

windshield click to hear : windshield

Highly durable pane made of glass and plastic that provides good visibility.

engine and crew alarm display click to hear : engine and crew alarm display

Screen that controls the engines and displays alarm signals in the event of system failure.

autopilot controls click to hear : autopilot controls

Device that enables the aircraft to be piloted and kept on course automatically.

landing gear lever click to hear : landing gear lever

Control for lowering and raising the landing gear.

overhead switch panel click to hear : overhead switch panel

Panel made up of the switches that cut the hydraulic, electric and fuel circuits.

lighting click to hear : lighting

Device that diffuses light over a shelf on which the pilots place navigation charts.

speaker click to hear : speaker

Integrated device that relays audible messages such as alarms to the pilots.