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thrusting and cutting weapons click to hear : thrusting and cutting weapons

Weapons with steel blades of various lengths designed to pierce or cut.
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commando knife hilted bayonet socket bayonet integral bayonet plug bayonet machete

commando knife click to hear : commando knife

Knife initially designed for commandos; it was subsequently distributed to soldiers who did not have bayonets.

hilted bayonet click to hear : hilted bayonet

Weapon with a complete handle that could be attached to a gun barrel by means of a metal ring.

socket bayonet click to hear : socket bayonet

Weapon with a bayonet ring on the gun barrel; when in place, the gun could still be fired and loaded.

integral bayonet click to hear : integral bayonet

Weapon permanently attached to a gun; it folded back or slid along the barrel.

plug bayonet click to hear : plug bayonet

Weapon with a tapered handle inserted into the barrel of a gun; when in place, the gun could not be fired or loaded.

machete click to hear : machete

Large single-edged knife of tropical countries sometimes used as a weapon but mainly used as a tool for clearing paths and cutting crops such as sugarcane.