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upperworks click to hear : upperworks

Small equipment and accessories on a boat’s deck especially for rigging, adjusting and handling the sails.
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turnbuckle winch shackle snap shackle hank

turnbuckle click to hear : turnbuckle

Instrument for adjusting the tension of a rope; it is made up of a hollow cylindrical body with a threaded shank screwed onto each end.

winch click to hear : winch

Small crank for heaving a rope tight; it usually has a ratchet preventing it from rotating in the counter direction.

shackle click to hear : shackle

U-shaped part that closes with a threaded shank; it is used especially for joining two chains or for attaching ropes.

snap shackle click to hear : snap shackle

Metal ring that closes automatically with a spring; it is used to attach various elements such as sheets and sails.

hank click to hear : hank

Hook that is kept closed by a piston mechanism and set on a shank, which rotates on a ring; it prevents the ropes that are attached to it from twisting.