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equipment click to hear : equipment

Complete range of accessories used in climbing.
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D carabiner rope locking carabiner gate screwsleeve latch descender

D carabiner click to hear : D carabiner

Metal ring that opens and closes with a spring-loaded gate; it is used for attaching rope to a piton, a chock, etc.

rope click to hear : rope

Thin cable with a braided center core that makes it stretchy and strong and a woven sheath that surrounds and protects the core.

locking carabiner click to hear : locking carabiner

Metal ring with a gate that, once closed, can be locked with a screwsleeve; this makes it safer than the D carabiner.

gate click to hear : gate

Moving metal part that opens inward and has a spring-loaded closure.

screwsleeve click to hear : screwsleeve

Device that locks the gate into a closed position.

latch click to hear : latch

Part over which the gate closes.

descender click to hear : descender

Metal accessory through which a rope slides that is used to protect the rope and the climber’s hands; it acts as a brake during rappel descents.