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court click to hear : court

Hard rectangular surface (15 m x 28 m) on which a basketball game is played; international games have two 20-minute periods.
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restricting circle timekeeper clock operator scorer center circle sideline referee center line referee semicircle trainer assistant coach coach free throw line second space first space end line restricted area

restricting circle click to hear : restricting circle

Circle around the center circle; players not taking part in the tip-off must be outside this circle.

timekeeper click to hear : timekeeper

Official who keeps time; this individual stops the clock when play stops and starts it again when play resumes.

clock operator click to hear : clock operator

Official who keeps track of a team’s possession time (maximum 30 seconds before a shot is made).

scorer click to hear : scorer

Official who records points and fouls committed by the players.

center circle click to hear : center circle

Circle at center court used for tip-offs at the start of a half and after a goal; a tip-off is when two players jump for the ball and try to push it toward their teammates.

sideline click to hear : sideline

Line along the sides of the court; when the ball crosses this line, it is put back into play at the same place.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who assists the first referee and also stays at the perimeter of the court so as not to interfere with the players.

center line click to hear : center line

Line dividing the court into two halves, one for each team; the team with ball possession has 10 seconds to carry it into the opposing team’s zone.

referee click to hear : referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual does tip-offs and signals fouls.

semicircle click to hear : semicircle

Semicircular zone where the player takes position to make a free throw, which is worth one point.

trainer click to hear : trainer

Individual who treats injured players.

assistant coach click to hear : assistant coach

Person who assists the coach and can replace the coach if needed.

coach click to hear : coach

The team’s leader; the coach plots strategy and decides who plays in different situations.

free throw line click to hear : free throw line

Line parallel to the end line; the shooter stands behind it for a free throw (throw awarded after a foul).

second space click to hear : second space

Space along the restricted area near the free throw line; one of the shooter’s teammates is in this space when there is a free throw.

first space click to hear : first space

Space along the restricted area near the end line; one of the opposing players is in this space when there is a free throw.

end line click to hear : end line

Line marking the ends of the court; when the ball crosses this line, one team puts it back into play at the same place.

restricted area click to hear : restricted area

A trapezoidal area between the end line and the free throw line; an attacking player is not allowed to stay in it for more than three seconds.