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mat click to hear : mat

Surface that measures 14 m x 16 m and is used for practicing judo; it is made up of smaller mat squares (tatamis).
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scoreboard medical team judge scorers and timekeepers safety area contest area referee contestant danger area

scoreboard click to hear : scoreboard

Board that displays various data about the contest taking place (such as points and penalties); there are two scoreboards, one manual and one electronic, in each contest area.

medical team click to hear : medical team

Physicians tend to the judokas in the event of injury; their presence is mandatory and they may end a bout in the event of serious injury.

judge click to hear : judge

One of the two officials who assist the referee; they check especially that the holds are allowable and take place within the bounds of the contest area.

scorers and timekeepers click to hear : scorers and timekeepers

The scorers show the results on the scoreboards and the timekeepers monitor the time during the bout.

safety area click to hear : safety area

Surface that is 3 m wide and surrounds the danger area; it provides safety if the contestant if thrown out of the contest area.

contest area click to hear : contest area

Area on which the bout takes place; it includes the danger area, measures 8 x 10 m and has lines to indicate the positions of the judokas at the start and end of the bout.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who enforces the rules and directs the bout on the mat; this individual is assisted by the two judges.

contestant click to hear : contestant

One of two athletes (here, judokas) who confront each other in a bout; contestants are classified into weight categories.

danger area click to hear : danger area

Red band that is 1 m wide; it delimits and is part of the contest area.