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competition area click to hear : competition area

Surface for practicing kung fu; it varies depending on the type of competition (e.g., wooden floor, carpet, elevated ring).
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referee physicians officials scoreboard corner judges contestant

referee click to hear : referee

Official who enforces the rules and directs the bout on the mat; the final decision rests with this individual in case of disagreement with the corner judges.

physicians click to hear : physicians

Physicians tend to the contestants in the event of injury; their presence is mandatory and they may end a bout in the event of serious injury.

officials click to hear : officials

One of four people in charge of the bout as it takes place (such as scorer and timekeeper).

scoreboard click to hear : scoreboard

Board that displays various data about the contest taking place (such as points, time and contestants’ categories).

corner judges click to hear : corner judges

One of four officials who evaluate performance and award points to the contestants; the referee may consult them in case of ambiguity.

contestant click to hear : contestant

One of two athletes who confront each other in a bout; contestants are usually classified into weight categories.