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dohyo click to hear : dohyo

Round combat area that is 4.55 m in diameter; it consists of packed clay covered with a thin layer of sand.
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water salt step sagari gyoji mawashi

water click to hear : water

The wrestlers rinse their mouths with purifying water before starting the bout.

salt click to hear : salt

Before the start of the bout, the wrestlers toss a handful of salt on the dohyo, a Shinto purification rite.

step click to hear : step

Horizontal surface for accessing the dohyo.

sagari click to hear : sagari

Decorative cords of silk that hang from the front of the mawashi.

gyoji click to hear : gyoji

Referee of the dohyo who directs the bout, encourages the wrestlers and announces the winner; this individual works with the judges, who are all former contestants.

mawashi click to hear : mawashi

Silk belt about 10 m long that is the sumotori’s only clothing; it provides a solid hold for the opponent.