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wrestling area click to hear : wrestling area

Mat with an area of 12 m2 for a wrestling match; a bout has two 3-minute periods with a break of 30 seconds.
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wrestler judge mat chairperson referee protection area central wrestling area passivity zone

wrestler click to hear : wrestler

Athlete who practices wrestling; wrestlers are classified into weight categories.

judge click to hear : judge

Official who assigns the points for the technical action as instructed by the referee or the mat chairperson and registers them on the scoreboard.

mat chairperson click to hear : mat chairperson

Official who coordinates the work of the referee and the judge; in the event of disagreement, he settles it. He may also interrupt the bout.

referee click to hear : referee

Official in charge of enforcing the rules who directs the fight on the mat and wears red and blue sleeves to indicate points.

protection area click to hear : protection area

Area that is 1.5 m wide and surrounds the passivity zone; it provides safety if the wrestler is thrown out of the wrestling area.

central wrestling area click to hear : central wrestling area

Circle inside the passivity zone that is 7 m in diameter; the bout takes place within it.

passivity zone click to hear : passivity zone

Red band that is 1 m wide; it delimits and is part of the wrestling surface (9 m in diameter).