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road cycling competition click to hear : road cycling competition

Event that consists of riding a bicycle a given distance on a road as quickly as possible.
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leading bunch leading motorcycle motorcycle-mounted camera race director following car bunch

leading bunch click to hear : leading bunch

Compact grouping of cyclists at the front of the race.

leading motorcycle click to hear : leading motorcycle

Motorcycle traveling in front of the first rider; its rider announces the cyclists coming up and checks that the way is clear.

motorcycle-mounted camera click to hear : motorcycle-mounted camera

Motorcycle used by the cameraman who records the race for broadcast.

race director click to hear : race director

Person who is in charge of organizing the race and monitors its progress from a car.

following car click to hear : following car

Vehicle in which a team’s coach, mechanics and trainers ride.

bunch click to hear : bunch

Compact grouping of cyclists; depending on the race, there can be 150 or more athletes.