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rider click to hear : rider

Person who rides a horse; during dressage competitions, the rider’s attire and the horse’s harness are strictly regulated.
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saddle jacket girth glove boot stirrup iron

saddle click to hear : saddle

Somewhat curved unit that is made mostly of leather; it is set on the horse’s back for the rider to sit on.

jacket click to hear : jacket

Long-sleeved coat that is closed in front and often has tails; it is dark in color and is worn over a white shirt and a white tie.

girth click to hear : girth

Strap around the horse’s belly that keeps the saddle on its back.

glove click to hear : glove

Covering for the hand and wrist that takes the shape of the fingers; white gloves are mandatory in dressage competitions.

boot click to hear : boot

Footwear that comes up to just below the knee; in dressage, the rider wears black boots over white pants.

stirrup iron click to hear : stirrup iron

Metal ring that hangs from each side of the saddle to support the rider’s feet.