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playing field click to hear : playing field

Grass-covered surface where a polo match is played; a game usually takes place over six 7-minute chukkers (periods), interrupted by breaks of 3 to 5 minutes.
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goalpost goal judge center T mark player 4 54 m line sideline tower mounted umpire player 3 36 m line player 2 player 1 27 m line

goalpost click to hear : goalpost

Pole marking one end of the goal; a team scores a point when the ball is shot between the posts of the opponents’ goal.

goal judge click to hear : goal judge

Official placed behind the goal who waves a flag when a goal is scored; the goal judge may also assist the umpires when incidents occur near the goal.

center T mark click to hear : center T mark

T-shaped mark at the center of the field; at the start of a chukker and after a goal, the players line up on each side of it for the throw-in.

player 4 click to hear : player 4

Position that provides rear defense; this player can hit a ball very far and rides a horse that is husky, tough and fast.

54 m line click to hear : 54 m line

sideline click to hear : sideline

Line that is often bordered by planks to delimit the playing zone on each side of the field; the players have the right to cross it or to bounce the ball off it.

tower click to hear : tower

Building that houses the scorekeeper, the announcer and a third umpire, who is in charge of settling any dispute that may arise on the field.

mounted umpire click to hear : mounted umpire

Playing-field official (there are two umpires) who is in charge of applying the rules; they perform the throw-ins and give penalties for fouls.

player 3 click to hear : player 3

Player who is the pivot between the attack and the defense; this player is usually team captain, has a high handicap and is an excellent strategist.

36 m line click to hear : 36 m line

Line from which a free hit may be made; depending on the seriousness of the foul, the free kick is made from the 27 m, 36 m or 54 m line.

player 2 click to hear : player 2

Forward position whose chief purpose is to drive the ball into the opponent’s territory; this player’s horse must be intrepid and energetic.

player 1 click to hear : player 1

Forward position whose chief purpose is to score goals; this player’s horse must be quick and agile.

27 m line click to hear : 27 m line