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pommel horse click to hear : pommel horse

Men’s gymnastics apparatus with two handles (pommels), around which the gymnast maneuvers.
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antislip shoe upright chain height adjustment pommel croup saddle neck horse tightener base

antislip shoe click to hear : antislip shoe

Leg with an antiskid sole that prevents the horse from slipping during an exercise.

upright click to hear : upright

Adjustable vertical post supporting the horse.

chain click to hear : chain

Metal links for attaching the apparatus to the base and stabilizing it.

height adjustment click to hear : height adjustment

Screw for adjusting the horse’s height by sliding the tube inside the upright.

pommel click to hear : pommel

Curved wooden or plastic handle that the gymnast grips while performing movements such as swings and circles upon the horse.

croup click to hear : croup

Right part of the horse.

saddle click to hear : saddle

Central part of the horse, situated between the pommels.

neck click to hear : neck

Left part of the horse.

horse click to hear : horse

Main part of the apparatus.

tightener click to hear : tightener

Device for tightening the chain to its maximum tension.

base click to hear : base

Structure (such as uprights and chain) supporting the horse.