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casting click to hear : casting

Fishing that consists of letting a hook drop and sink into the water and reeling it back in to simulate the movement of a small fish.
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open-face spinning reel gear housing crank tension adjustment handle spool bail arm line guide bail arm opening mechanism leg foot rotor

open-face spinning reel click to hear : open-face spinning reel

Reel from which the line unwinds as it comes off the upper sides of the spool, which does not rotate but remains in place.

gear housing click to hear : gear housing

Metal casing protecting the gears, which are activated by the crank.

crank click to hear : crank

Device used to turn the spool and rewind the fishing line.

tension adjustment click to hear : tension adjustment

Device used to give out line if the fish resists being brought in.

handle click to hear : handle

Rotating handle that activates the crank.

spool click to hear : spool

Cylinder on which the fishing line is wound.

bail arm click to hear : bail arm

Metal part that opens to allow line to unwind during a cast and that closes during rewinding.

line guide click to hear : line guide

Device used to distribute fishing line evenly over the spool during rewinding.

bail arm opening mechanism click to hear : bail arm opening mechanism

Device used to open the bail arm so the line can unwind during a cast.

leg click to hear : leg

Part connecting the reel to the foot.

foot click to hear : foot

Immobile part of a rod’s reel seat.

rotor click to hear : rotor

Rotating part used to rewind the fishing line.