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casting click to hear : casting

Fishing that consists of letting a hook drop and sink into the water and reeling it back in to simulate the movement of a small fish.
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spinning rod butt guide female ferrule male ferrule butt grip screw locking nut reel seat tip-ring

spinning rod click to hear : spinning rod

Stick whose length and sturdiness varies with the kind of fishing being done; it is used to cast a hook carried along by a weight, sinker or spinner far over the water.

butt guide click to hear : butt guide

Large-diameter circle used to guide the slack line.

female ferrule click to hear : female ferrule

Metal tubing into which the male ferrule fits to join the two sections of the rod (butt section and tip section).

male ferrule click to hear : male ferrule

Metal tubing that fits into the female ferrule to join the two sections of the rod (butt section and tip section).

butt grip click to hear : butt grip

Part used to pick up and handle the rod.

screw locking nut click to hear : screw locking nut

Ring used to hold the reel in place on the reel seat.

reel seat click to hear : reel seat

Device that attaches the reel to the rod.

tip-ring click to hear : tip-ring

Circle at the end of a spinning rod’s tip.