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flyfishing click to hear : flyfishing

Fishing method that consists of delicately placing an artificial fly on or in the water; it simulates a real insect landing to attract fish.
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fly rod butt cap female ferrule reel seat handgrip tip section guide tip-ring butt section screw locking nut keeper ring male ferrule

fly rod click to hear : fly rod

Thin sturdy stick that is flexible enough to cast a hook disguised as a winged insect (artificial fly) far over the water.

butt cap click to hear : butt cap

Usually metal covering over the end of the rod to protect the rod from contact with the ground.

female ferrule click to hear : female ferrule

Metal tubing into which the male ferrule fits to join the two sections of the rod (butt section and tip section).

reel seat click to hear : reel seat

Device that attaches the reel to the rod.

handgrip click to hear : handgrip

Part used to pick up and handle the rod.

tip section click to hear : tip section

Thinner and more flexible section of a rod.

guide click to hear : guide

One of the metal parts through which the fly line runs; they are used to guide it.

tip-ring click to hear : tip-ring

Circle at the end of a flyfishing rod’s tip.

butt section click to hear : butt section

Sturdiest section of a rod; it holds the handgrip and the reel.

screw locking nut click to hear : screw locking nut

Ring used to hold the reel in place on the reel seat.

keeper ring click to hear : keeper ring

Circle where the fishhook hitches on to keep the fly line running along the length of the rod when it is not being used.

male ferrule click to hear : male ferrule

Metal tubing that fits into the female ferrule to join the two sections of the rod (butt section and tip section).