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Their shapes are specific to each variety of the game.
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fivepin Canadian duckpin candlepin American duckpin tenpin

fivepin click to hear : fivepin

Lightweight pin that is about 30 cm high and has a rubber band around it; this five-pin game is very popular in Canada.

Canadian duckpin click to hear : Canadian duckpin

Similar to American duckpin, it has a rubber band around it to make it heavier; this 10-pin game is very widespread in Canada.

candlepin click to hear : candlepin

Cylindrical pin that is about 40 cm high; this game with 10 pins is played in some provinces of Canada and states of the United States.

American duckpin click to hear : American duckpin

One of 10 pins that is lightweight and about 24 cm high; the game is played almost exclusively in the United States.

tenpin click to hear : tenpin

Pin that weighs 1.5 to 1.6 kg and measures 38.1 cm high; this is the most widespread type of bowling in the world.