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fitness equipment click to hear : fitness equipment

Material and apparatuses for carrying out exercises aimed at maintaining the physique and increasing muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
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rowing machine oar push-up stand sliding seat foot support hydraulic resistance

rowing machine click to hear : rowing machine

Apparatus that simulates the movement of rowing; it is designed mainly to develop cardiorespiratory capacity and strengthen a number of muscles in the body.

oar click to hear : oar

Lever connected to the hydraulic resistance; it operates the rowing machine.

push-up stand click to hear : push-up stand

Handle gripped by the user to raise the body from a horizontal position on the floor (push-ups).

sliding seat click to hear : sliding seat

Part on which the user sits; it slides back and forth on rails to increase the amplitude and efficiency of the oars.

foot support click to hear : foot support

Part with a strap for the foot.

hydraulic resistance click to hear : hydraulic resistance

Device with a hydraulic pump (silent system simulating water resistance); it constitutes the force exerted against the oars.