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ice hockey player click to hear : ice hockey player

Member of an ice hockey team; players wear a variety of protective equipment to prevent injury caused by falls or body checks.
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player’s stick heel blade shaft butt end player’s skate blade point toe box boot tendon guard

player’s stick click to hear : player’s stick

Long, traditionally wooden stick that consists of a blade set at an angle to a shaft.

heel click to hear : heel

Back end of the blade.

blade click to hear : blade

Lower part of the stick that is used to stop, pass and shoot the puck; it is curved to ease puck handling.

shaft click to hear : shaft

butt end click to hear : butt end

Upper end of the shaft; it is usually covered with rubber tape to prevent the hand from slipping off the stick.

player’s skate click to hear : player’s skate

Reinforced boot equipped with a blade for gliding over ice.

blade click to hear : blade

Narrow metal blade that is attached to the skate boot; its curved ends help the player to turn.

point click to hear : point

Front tip of the blade.

toe box click to hear : toe box

Hard shell that forms the end of the boot; it protects the toes from shots and slashes.

boot click to hear : boot

Sturdy flexible boot with a lace; it protects and supports the foot and ankle and is made of leather or synthetic materials.

tendon guard click to hear : tendon guard

Rigid part that covers the lower leg.