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hydraulic pallet truck click to hear : hydraulic pallet truck

Cart with a fork for stacking loads at various heights.
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steering axle solid rubber tire frame roller stabilizing shaft fork hydraulic cylinder mast steering lever mast control lever

steering axle click to hear : steering axle

Pivoting rod connecting two wheel hubs; it rotates on a vertical assembly to change the direction of the truck when moving it.

solid rubber tire click to hear : solid rubber tire

frame click to hear : frame

Metal structure of the truck.

roller click to hear : roller

stabilizing shaft click to hear : stabilizing shaft

Long part that is placed parallel to one of the forks to balance the truck while it lifts a load, thus avoiding tipping.

fork click to hear : fork

Instrument made up of two arms that is inserted into a pallet’s entry to lift it.

hydraulic cylinder click to hear : hydraulic cylinder

Device using pressurized fluid to operate the carriage.

mast click to hear : mast

Post along which the carriage slides using a hydraulic system.

steering lever click to hear : steering lever

Column linked to the steering axle for manually steering the truck.

mast control lever click to hear : mast control lever

Lever controlled by the operator to move the carriage along the masts.