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hay baler click to hear : hay baler

Device that harvests the forage and compresses it into bales.
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draw bar hitch head tow bar pickup cylinder power-takeoff shaft plungerhead press chamber binder

draw bar hitch head click to hear : draw bar hitch head

Device that secures the hay baler to the tractor’s towing hitch.

tow bar click to hear : tow bar

Metal part consisting of a towing hitch that connects the hay baler to the tractor.

pickup cylinder click to hear : pickup cylinder

Rotating unit that picks up the cut grass (such as straw or forage) to convey it to the plungerhead.

power-takeoff shaft click to hear : power-takeoff shaft

Device that hitches the machine’s shaft to the tractor’s power train to transmit the necessary power to operate it.

plungerhead click to hear : plungerhead

Mechanical device that pushes the hay or straw into the press chamber by squeezing it forcibly.

press chamber click to hear : press chamber

Device that shapes the bales of hay or straw.

binder click to hear : binder

Device that ties the bales of hay or straw using string or wire.