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heavy machinery image

heavy machinery
Equipment used on large-scale projects to dig, loosen and move earth and other matter.

bulldozer image

Excavation machine for pushing materials; it is made up of a crawler tractor, a blade and often a ripper.

wheel loader image

wheel loader
Excavation machine made up of a wheel tractor, a backhoe and a front-end loader.

hydraulic shovel image

hydraulic shovel
Machine made up of a pivot cab with a bucket attached for moving various types of material.

scraper image

Machine that uses a blade to scrape the ground or roadbed and store the rubble in a bowl for disposal.

dump truck image

dump truck
Truck equipped with a dump body; it is used for bulk transport.

grader image

Machine with a swiveling blade situated between two wheel shafts for leveling the ground or clearing debris off a roadway.

tractor image

Motorized machine used for operating farm equipment and tools.