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dump truck click to hear : dump truck

Truck equipped with a dump body; it is used for bulk transport.
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cab dump body ladder frame rib diesel engine compartment canopy

cab click to hear : cab

Compartment from which the driver operates the truck.

dump body click to hear : dump body

Open or closed container; when raised by the elevation cylinder, it discharges its bulk material.

ladder click to hear : ladder

Device composed of treads and side rails that provides access to the cab.

frame click to hear : frame

Metal structure of the dump truck.

rib click to hear : rib

Crosspiece welded to the outside walls of the dump body to reinforce it.

diesel engine compartment click to hear : diesel engine compartment

Combustion engine in which the compressed air becomes sufficiently hot to ignite the injected fuel.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Metal surface that protects the cab from falling material during loading.