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grader click to hear : grader

Machine with a swiveling blade situated between two wheel shafts for leveling the ground or clearing debris off a roadway.
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turntable front wheel front axle blade rotation cylinder blade lift cylinder blade drive wheels counterweight overhead frame blade shifting mechanism cab exhaust stack engine compartment

turntable click to hear : turntable

Ring with a toothed crown that causes the blade to rotate around a vertical axle.

front wheel click to hear : front wheel

Wheel that changes the grader’s direction; it also tilts into a turn to brace against drag when it meets an obstacle offering strong resistance.

front axle click to hear : front axle

Bowed axle made up of a device that acts as a walking beam to compensate for uneven ground.

blade rotation cylinder click to hear : blade rotation cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder that causes the pivoting movement of the blade.

blade lift cylinder click to hear : blade lift cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers one end of the blade.

blade click to hear : blade

Piece of equipment for leveling the ground that can be positioned in any direction.

drive wheels click to hear : drive wheels

Wheels driven by the engine to impel the machine; they are mounted on a walking beam to compensate for uneven ground.

counterweight click to hear : counterweight

Counterbalance that prevents the machine from lifting up when it meets an obstacle offering strong resistance.

overhead frame click to hear : overhead frame

Front part of the chassis; it is long enough to allow the blade to swivel without striking the wheels.

blade shifting mechanism click to hear : blade shifting mechanism

Set of articulated arms to which the hydraulic cylinders are attached; these arms cause the blade to move and swivel.

cab click to hear : cab

Compartment from which the driver operates the grader.

exhaust stack click to hear : exhaust stack

Vertical upper part of the conduit that evacuates exhaust gas from the engine.

engine compartment click to hear : engine compartment

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.