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seed drill click to hear : seed drill

Farming tool that spreads and plows seeds into the soil following straight lines (furrows).
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chain drive colter press wheel covering disk disk spacing lever grain tube hopper

chain drive click to hear : chain drive

Distribution unit that regulates the flow of seeds into the grain tube.

colter click to hear : colter

Round part that cuts the furrow slice vertically.

press wheel click to hear : press wheel

Wheel that tamps the earth to plow the seeds down to a certain depth.

covering disk click to hear : covering disk

One of a pair of circular parts that work together to close up the furrow.

disk spacing lever click to hear : disk spacing lever

Lever for changing the distance between the sowing lines.

grain tube click to hear : grain tube

Tube through which the seeds flow from the bottom of the hopper to be dropped into the furrow.

hopper click to hear : hopper

Container that is usually shaped like an inverted pyramid; it holds the seeds to be sown.