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manure spreader click to hear : manure spreader

Device for scattering a mixture of litter and fermented animal waste over the soil to fertilize it.
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jack stand hydraulic hose frame power-takeoff shaft draw bar hitch chain drive box beater

jack stand click to hear : jack stand

Telescopic support for the draw bar hitch that supports the trailer when stationary.

hydraulic hose click to hear : hydraulic hose

Tube connected to the tractor’s hydraulic coupler that uses a fluid (oil) to transmit power from the engine to the device’s mechanisms.

frame click to hear : frame

Trailer’s metal structure.

power-takeoff shaft click to hear : power-takeoff shaft

Device that hitches the machine’s shaft to the tractor’s power train to transmit the necessary power to operate it.

draw bar hitch click to hear : draw bar hitch

Device that secures the manure spreader to the tractor’s towing hitch.

chain drive click to hear : chain drive

Belt that transmits the rotational movement of the power-takeoff shaft to the moving floor of the trailer to bring the manure back to the beater.

box click to hear : box

Container that holds the manure.

beater click to hear : beater

Rotating device that disperses manure over the soil.