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tandem disc harrow click to hear : tandem disc harrow

Device with four disc trains arranged in two opposing V patterns; it loosens the soil that has already been plowed and eliminates weeds.
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draw bar hitch hydraulic hose disc height adjustment frame disc arm

draw bar hitch click to hear : draw bar hitch

Device that secures the tandem disc harrow to the tractor’s towing hitch.

hydraulic hose click to hear : hydraulic hose

Tube connected to the tractor’s hydraulic coupler that uses a fluid (oil) to transmit power from the engine to the device’s mechanisms.

disc click to hear : disc

Dish-shaped part that breaks up clods of earth.

height adjustment click to hear : height adjustment

Crank for adjusting the depth of the discs’ penetration into the soil.

frame click to hear : frame

Tandem disc harrow’s metal structure.

disc arm click to hear : disc arm

Metal structure to which the discs are attached.