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tractor: rear view click to hear : tractor: rear view

The back end of the tractor is fitted with the equipment necessary to haul farm equipment or supply mechanical power to it.
tractor: rear view image
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taillight towing hitch draft link power takeoff lifting link coupler head hydraulic cylinder hydraulic coupler headlight compression link rock shaft lift arm

taillight click to hear : taillight

Lamp that illuminates automatically when the front lights are on and shines more brightly when the operator steps on the brake pedal.

towing hitch click to hear : towing hitch

Device for attaching the coupler-head ring of a towed piece of agricultural machinery.

draft link click to hear : draft link

Bar with a coupler head for towing.

power takeoff click to hear : power takeoff

Mechanism consisting of a grooved shaft that uses the engine’s power or the tractor’s movement to drive a tool or equipment being towed.

lifting link click to hear : lifting link

Part adjustable to several positions that connects the draft link to the rock shaft lift arm.

coupler head click to hear : coupler head

Linking device between the tool and the draft link.

hydraulic cylinder click to hear : hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulically powered device made up of a cylinder and a piston, which drive the draft link.

hydraulic coupler click to hear : hydraulic coupler

Device for attaching the hydraulic hoses so that power can be transmitted to the attached tool.

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp on the rear of the vehicle that illuminates the work area.

compression link click to hear : compression link

Bar fastened to a tool that is coupled to the draft link to prevent it from tipping up or down.

rock shaft lift arm click to hear : rock shaft lift arm

Part controlled by the hydraulic cylinder that raises and lowers a tool by means of the lifting link and the draft link.