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Rigs: various combinations of sails that distinguish one sailboat from another.
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brig brigantine whale boat ketch Marconi cutter schooner

brig click to hear : brig

Two-masted ship with a foremast and a mainmast and square sails; a spanker can be added to the mainmast and three jibs to a bowsprit.

brigantine click to hear : brigantine

Two-masted ship that is lighter than the brig and rigged differently.

whale boat click to hear : whale boat

Fishing boat propelled mainly by oars but sometimes fitted with one or two lug sails and a jib.

ketch click to hear : ketch

Two-masted pleasure sailboat; it has a mainmast and a mizzenmast fore of the tiller, which distinguishes it from the cutter.

Marconi cutter click to hear : Marconi cutter

Fishing boat with a tall mast and one gaff or Bermuda sail; it has two jibs and a small mast aft of the tiller.

schooner click to hear : schooner

Two-masted ship with a foremast and a mainmast; it has gaff sails and topsails and sometimes a staysail.