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maritime transport image

maritime transport
Structures and installations required to transport passengers and cargo by ship.

harbor image

Site for refueling and repairing ships, loading and unloading cargo and embarking and disembarking passengers.

examples of sails image

examples of sails
Sails: sections of durable fabric that are sewn together and mounted on a mast; they create a surface that causes a boat to move when the wind blows against it.

examples of rigs image

examples of rigs
Rigs: various combinations of sails that distinguish one sailboat from another.

life-saving equipment image

life-saving equipment
Instruments and equipment for signaling a boat’s presence and for saving people from drowning.

canal lock image

canal lock
Structure with a lock-chamber that can be filled with water or emptied to raise or lower a ship from one water level to another.

ancient ships image

ancient ships
Over the course of history, navigation has played a key role in discovering new lands and in developing trade between peoples.

traditional ships image

traditional ships
Boats characteristic of various parts of the world for a number of generations; they are used as a means of transportation, for fishing, commerce and exploration.

four-masted bark image

four-masted bark
Sailboat with four masts and square sails except for the jiggermast, which carries a gaff sail.

examples of boats and ships image

examples of boats and ships
Boats and ships: floating structures for underwater exploration and transporting passengers and cargo across water.

anchor image

Usually steel part that is attached to a chain or cable; it hooks onto the bottom of a body of water to keep the boat from moving.

navigation devices image

navigation devices
Examples of instruments that are used on a ship to determine its position and to chart and stay a course.

maritime signals image

maritime signals
Beacons and devices located on the sea, coasts and waterways that emit light, sound and radio waves to aid navigation.

maritime buoyage system image

maritime buoyage system
Buoys, beacons and lights located along coasts and waterways to guide ships and boats.