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masting and rigging click to hear : masting and rigging

Masting: masts, yards, ropes and other movable sailing equipment that support and manipulate the rigging.
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side shroud backstay foremast mainmast poop gaff sail boom lift gaff topping lift jiggermast mizzenmast

side click to hear : side

Longitudinal surface of the ship.

shroud click to hear : shroud

Heavy taut rope between a mast and the side of the ship; it secures and supports the mast on the sides.

backstay click to hear : backstay

Long taut rope between the mast and the deck; it secures and supports the mast athwartships and aft.

foremast click to hear : foremast

Mast nearest the prow of the boat.

mainmast click to hear : mainmast

One of the principal parts of the ship; it is located closest to the center of gravity.

poop click to hear : poop

Structure above the aft deck that extends athwartships; it usually serves as officers’ quarters.

gaff sail boom click to hear : gaff sail boom

Horizontal yard articulating on a mast; it keeps the bottom edge of a sail taut.

lift click to hear : lift

Rope connecting two yards of a sail and used to maneuver them.

gaff click to hear : gaff

Diagonal yard aft of a mast and supporting the top part of a gaff sail.

topping lift click to hear : topping lift

Rope that holds the sail’s gaff loosely in place.

jiggermast click to hear : jiggermast

Mast located aft on the four-masted bark.

mizzenmast click to hear : mizzenmast

One of the principal masts of the ship; it is located aft of the mainmast between the ship’s center of gravity and its rudder.