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harbor click to hear : harbor

Site for refueling and repairing ships, loading and unloading cargo and embarking and disembarking passengers.
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bulk terminal customs house parking lot office building road transport container terminal bridge quayside railway oil terminal tanker ferryboat passenger terminal lighthouse cold shed container ship quay ramp container-loading bridge dock floating crane grain terminal canal lock dry dock quayside crane quay transit shed gate silos

bulk terminal click to hear : bulk terminal

Area with installations and equipment to store, sort and handle bulk items, such as ore and coal.

customs house click to hear : customs house

Structure where inspection and legal operations related to imported and exported cargo are carried out.

parking lot click to hear : parking lot

Area for parking vehicles.

office building click to hear : office building

Structure where personnel who administer the port work.

road transport click to hear : road transport

Transportation of cargo by truck on public roads.

container terminal click to hear : container terminal

Area with installations and equipment to store, sort and handle containers.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Structure consisting of a girder and posts that rolls along tracks moving containers.

quayside railway click to hear : quayside railway

Railroad tracks leading onto a quay for transshipping containers from a ship to a car or vice versa.

oil terminal click to hear : oil terminal

Area with installations and equipment to store petroleum products and load them into tankers.

tanker click to hear : tanker

Ship with large reservoirs for transporting liquid petroleum products.

ferryboat click to hear : ferryboat

Shuttle boat for carrying vehicles with their cargo and passengers.

passenger terminal click to hear : passenger terminal

Structures and facilities where passengers embark and disembark ships.

lighthouse click to hear : lighthouse

Tower with a powerful lamp at the top for guiding ships.

cold shed click to hear : cold shed

Insulated refrigerated structure for storing perishable foodstuffs.

container ship click to hear : container ship

Ship that is designed for transporting cargo in containers in its hold and on its deck.

quay ramp click to hear : quay ramp

Slope leading from the quay to the level of the water.

container-loading bridge click to hear : container-loading bridge

Cantilevered gantry crane along the quay for loading and unloading containers.

dock click to hear : dock

Vast enclosure made up of quays where ships dock to take on and unload cargo.

floating crane click to hear : floating crane

Quayside crane that is mounted on a floating movable platform and often used for carrying heavy cargo.

grain terminal click to hear : grain terminal

Area with installations and equipment for storing, sorting and handling grain.

canal lock click to hear : canal lock

Structure with a lock-chamber that can be filled with water or emptied to raise or lower a ship from one water level to another.

dry dock click to hear : dry dock

Dock where water is pumped out so that a ship’s hull can be repaired, cleaned or painted.

quayside crane click to hear : quayside crane

Crane that rolls along rails the length of the quay and uses a moving arm to load and unload cargo in forms such as container, bulk and break bulk.

quay click to hear : quay

Structure for docking ships so that passengers can embark and disembark and cargo can be loaded and unloaded.

transit shed click to hear : transit shed

Warehouse located near the quay for temporarily storing cargo.

gate click to hear : gate

Waterproof device that closes a dock.

silos click to hear : silos

Very large, usually cylindrical, reservoirs for storing products in bulk, especially grain.