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hydrofoil boat click to hear : hydrofoil boat

Fast boat with foils, which lift and support the hull above water when cruising speed is reached.
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front foil propeller shaft propeller strut surface-piercing foils compass bridge radar radio antenna life buoy rear foil passenger cabin

front foil click to hear : front foil

Wing on each side of the prow.

propeller shaft click to hear : propeller shaft

Long metal rod that transmits the motor’s rotational movement to the propeller.

propeller click to hear : propeller

Device with blades integrated onto a shaft that is driven by the engine to provide thrust and thus impel the ship.

strut click to hear : strut

Vertical support that connects each foil to the boat’s hull.

surface-piercing foils click to hear : surface-piercing foils

Parts that lift the boat when cruising speed has been reached; they also stabilize the boat.

compass bridge click to hear : compass bridge

Covered glassed-in platform from which officers and crew navigate the vessel.

radar click to hear : radar

Detection device that emits radio waves and receives their echo; it is used to avoid collisions and to navigate when visibility is reduced.

radio antenna click to hear : radio antenna

Metal conductor that emits and receives radio waves for communications.

life buoy click to hear : life buoy

Ring made of buoyant material that is thrown to anyone who has fallen overboard to help them float.

rear foil click to hear : rear foil

Wing on each side of the stern.

passenger cabin click to hear : passenger cabin

Compartment where the passengers sit during the trip.