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passenger liner click to hear : passenger liner

Large cruise ship, fitted like a luxury hotel and with diverse recreation facilities for passengers.
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dining room stabilizer fin porthole movie theater cabin engine room rudder propeller lifeboat promenade deck quarter-deck stern lounge gymnasium playing area swimming pool funnel hall bow thruster starboard hand anchor-windlass room stem bulb captain’s quarters ballroom bow port hand forecastle compass bridge open-air terrace radar radio antenna sundeck telecommunication antenna

dining room click to hear : dining room

Hall for eating meals.

stabilizer fin click to hear : stabilizer fin

Small pivoting winglike flaps on each side of the hull to reduce the rolling motion.

porthole click to hear : porthole

Waterproof glassed-in opening in the hull that lets natural light and air into the ship.

movie theater click to hear : movie theater

Room for screening films.

cabin click to hear : cabin

Room that accommodates one or several passengers.

engine room click to hear : engine room

Room housing the engines, turbines and related machinery that propel the ship.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Submerged component that pivots on a vertical axle and is used to steer the boat.

propeller click to hear : propeller

Device with blades integrated onto a shaft that is driven by the engine to provide thrust and thus impel the ship.

lifeboat click to hear : lifeboat

Boat used for evacuating people from the ship in case of emergency.

promenade deck click to hear : promenade deck

Open deck for strolling that is sometimes glassed in.

quarter-deck click to hear : quarter-deck

Open part of the main deck at the aft end.

stern click to hear : stern

Rear end of a ship.

lounge click to hear : lounge

Area with a counter and tables where alcoholic drinks are sold.

gymnasium click to hear : gymnasium

Hall for practicing indoor sports.

playing area click to hear : playing area

Fenced-in area for playing ball sports.

swimming pool click to hear : swimming pool

Man-made basin designed for swimming.

funnel click to hear : funnel

Long vertical pipe above the machinery evacuating exhaust gases from the engines, with filters for absorbing carbon particles.

hall click to hear : hall

Room fitted with armchairs for passengers to meet.

bow thruster click to hear : bow thruster

Propeller on each side of the stem bulb for maneuvering the ship to port or starboard at slow speeds.

starboard hand click to hear : starboard hand

Right side of the ship when looking forward.

anchor-windlass room click to hear : anchor-windlass room

Opening in the hull for the ship’s anchor chains and towropes.

stem bulb click to hear : stem bulb

Bulge in the bottom part of the stem that reduces the hull’s water resistance.

captain’s quarters click to hear : captain’s quarters

Lodgings for the captain located aft of the bridge on the starboard side.

ballroom click to hear : ballroom

Large hall with a dance floor for holding dances and balls.

bow click to hear : bow

Foremost part of the ship.

port hand click to hear : port hand

Left side of the ship when looking forward.

forecastle click to hear : forecastle

Open foremost part of the main deck.

compass bridge click to hear : compass bridge

Covered glassed-in platform from which officers and crew navigate the vessel.

open-air terrace click to hear : open-air terrace

Outdoor platform that is formed from the roof of the deck below and is protected by a guardrail.

radar click to hear : radar

Detection device that emits radio waves and receives their echo; it is used to avoid collisions and to navigate when visibility is reduced.

radio antenna click to hear : radio antenna

Metal conductor that emits and receives radio waves for communications.

sundeck click to hear : sundeck

Usually the highest and sunniest deck with a pool and lounge chairs.

telecommunication antenna click to hear : telecommunication antenna

Multipurpose antenna that receives and transmits various signals such as video, telephone and digital.