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in-ground swimming pool click to hear : in-ground swimming pool

in-ground swimming pool image
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ladder underwater light discharge outlet skimmer diving well diving board main drain steps

ladder click to hear : ladder

Used by swimmers to get into or out of the diving well.

underwater light click to hear : underwater light

Light embedded in the wall; it illuminates the pool underwater.

discharge outlet click to hear : discharge outlet

Device returning filtered water to the pool.

skimmer click to hear : skimmer

Device filtering out debris from the surface of the water.

diving well click to hear : diving well

Section of a pool deep enough for jumping or diving.

diving board click to hear : diving board

Spring-held board providing momentum for jumping or diving.

main drain click to hear : main drain

Opening covered by a grate; it is used to channel water to the filter or to drain the pool.

steps click to hear : steps

Lead into the shallow end of the pool.