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masting and rigging click to hear : masting and rigging

Masting: masts, yards, ropes and other movable sailing equipment that support and manipulate the rigging.
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fore-topmast masthead fore-topgallant mast fore-royal mast lower mast top

fore-topmast click to hear : fore-topmast

Mast that is immediately above a lower mast and carries a topsail.

masthead click to hear : masthead

Topmost section of a mast that is sometimes doubled with the lower section of the mast supporting it; the stays and shrouds are attached to it.

fore-topgallant mast click to hear : fore-topgallant mast

Mast above the fore-topmast that carries a topgallant sail.

fore-royal mast click to hear : fore-royal mast

Mast above the fore-topgallant mast that carries a royal sail.

lower mast click to hear : lower mast

Bottom section of a mast that is solid and thick so it can support the upper sections.

top click to hear : top

Platform at the top of the lower mast from which the upper rigging can be manipulated.