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life-saving equipment click to hear : life-saving equipment

Instruments and equipment for signaling a boat’s presence and for saving people from drowning.
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life buoy retro-reflective tape rope ring life jacket leg strap belt buckle boat hook handle hook

life buoy click to hear : life buoy

Ring made of buoyant material that is thrown to anyone who has fallen overboard to help them float.

retro-reflective tape click to hear : retro-reflective tape

Tape that reflects light, making it easier to find a person in the water.

rope click to hear : rope

Nylon rope that can be caught with the boat hook to hoist a person out of the water.

ring click to hear : ring

Rigid buoyant circle that a person in the water slips under the arms.

life jacket click to hear : life jacket

Buoyant vest filled with air or plastic foam that is used to keep a person afloat.

leg strap click to hear : leg strap

Adjustable nylon belt that goes between the legs to prevent the life jacket from riding up.

belt click to hear : belt

Nylon strap that adjusts to the wearer’s size to keep the life jacket in place.

buckle click to hear : buckle

Fastener with two elements that hook together and unfasten when pressed.

boat hook click to hear : boat hook

Usually telescopic pole with a tip and a hook; it is used to maneuver a boat alongside quays, to hook an object and to fathom the bottom.

handle click to hear : handle

hook click to hear : hook

Curved end for hooking a rope or fishing an object out of the water.