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cylindrical buoy click to hear : cylindrical buoy

Floating beacon with a cylindrical superstructure.
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light photovoltaic panel daymark mooring chain sinker bridle assembly flotation section superstructure topmark

light click to hear : light

Encoded light beam that serves as a navigation aid at night.

photovoltaic panel click to hear : photovoltaic panel

Device that converts solar energy into electricity to power the light.

daymark click to hear : daymark

Navigation aid that is visible by day only; it displays various colors and signage.

mooring chain click to hear : mooring chain

Long, very sturdy chain that links the buoy to the sinker.

sinker click to hear : sinker

Heavy object often made of concrete; it rests on the bottom of the waterway to keep the buoy in place.

bridle assembly click to hear : bridle assembly

Two chains that link the flotation section to the mooring chain.

flotation section click to hear : flotation section

Lightweight base that keeps the buoy afloat and upright.

superstructure click to hear : superstructure

Metal frame that forms the buoy’s body and contains all its elements.

topmark click to hear : topmark

Metal cone-shaped part atop a buoy that serves as a navigation aid during the day; its position signifies various meanings.