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echo sounder click to hear : echo sounder

Device that uses ultrasound to measure the depth of the water below the boat.
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alarm threshold setting alarm threshold display button gain control on-off switch sound alarm housing dial-type display depth scale echo sounder probe transmission cable plug transducer

alarm threshold setting click to hear : alarm threshold setting

Knob for setting the maximum depth considered to be dangerous.

alarm threshold display button click to hear : alarm threshold display button

Button that is pushed to display the alarm threshold value.

gain control click to hear : gain control

Knob for adjusting the amplification of the signal.

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Button for activating the sounder and for selecting the scale.

sound alarm click to hear : sound alarm

Audible signal activated when the alarm threshold is reached.

housing click to hear : housing

dial-type display click to hear : dial-type display

Display surface where an illuminated dot appears at the point on the scale that corresponds to the depth.

depth scale click to hear : depth scale

Line graduated in meters for reading the distance to the bottom.

echo sounder probe click to hear : echo sounder probe

Part of the sounder that is submerged to send the ultrasound to the bottom; it receives the echo and converts it into sound.

transmission cable click to hear : transmission cable

Electric wire that relays the electric signals between the housing and the echo sounder probe.

plug click to hear : plug

Metal prong that plugs into the housing.

transducer click to hear : transducer

Part of the echo sounder probe that emits the ultrasound and receives its echoes.