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accessories click to hear : accessories

Secondary components of a vehicle, used for its maintenance, safety and such.
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jumper cables cable red clamp black clamp four-way lug wrench jack handle

jumper cables click to hear : jumper cables

Cables fitted with alligator clips for connecting an emergency battery to a discharged one.

cable click to hear : cable

red clamp click to hear : red clamp

A red clamp is fitted on the positive terminal of both batteries.

black clamp click to hear : black clamp

A black clamp is fitted on the negative terminal of the emergency battery; the other is attached to a metal part of the other car.

four-way lug wrench click to hear : four-way lug wrench

Wrench for tightening and loosening the wheel nuts; it is made up of two crossed rods with each end having a different size.

jack click to hear : jack

Mechanism activated by a handle, for raising the vehicle.

handle click to hear : handle

Lever comprising two right-angle bends, for activating the jack mechanism to raise and lower it.