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air bag restraint system click to hear : air bag restraint system

Automatic safety device containing air bags that, in the event of impact, instantly come between the occupants and the dashboard.
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air bag safing sensor primary crash sensor electrical cable

air bag click to hear : air bag

Flexible envelope encased in the dashboard, the steering wheel or the doors, which inflates with pressurized gas when it receives the signal from the safing sensor.

safing sensor click to hear : safing sensor

Device that receives the signal from the primary sensor and deploys the air bags. It has safeguards against deploying accidentally.

primary crash sensor click to hear : primary crash sensor

Device located at the front of the vehicle, which, in the event of collision, transmits the pulse it receives to the safing sensor.

electrical cable click to hear : electrical cable

Cable connecting the safing sensor, which causes the air bags to deploy.