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windshield wiper click to hear : windshield wiper

Rubber squeegee, usually mounted in a pair; it is activated by a motor and cleans the windshield.
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windshield wiper blade articulation tension spring wiper arm fluted shaft wiper

windshield wiper blade click to hear : windshield wiper blade

Metal part supporting the wiper through the actions of two small connecting rods.

articulation click to hear : articulation

Assembly enabling the blade to pivot on the end of the arm so that it adapts to the curvature of the windshield.

tension spring click to hear : tension spring

Spring causing the arm to exert pressure on the blade.

wiper arm click to hear : wiper arm

Metal rod with a to-and-fro motion that exerts a uniform pressure on the blade attached to it.

fluted shaft click to hear : fluted shaft

Part driven by an electric motor, whose rotating motion it converts into alternating motion through two connecting rods.

wiper click to hear : wiper

Thin rubber blade wiping the water and dust from the windshield.