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school bus click to hear : school bus

Motorized vehicle for transporting schoolchildren and equipped with specialized safety devices.
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crossing arm crossover mirror outside mirror blinking lights blind spot mirror

crossing arm click to hear : crossing arm

Pivoting rod deployed at each stop so that the schoolchildren stay in the driver’s field of vision while passing in front of the bus.

crossover mirror click to hear : crossover mirror

Convex mirror allowing the driver to see the front of the bus.

outside mirror click to hear : outside mirror

Mirror fixed to the outside of the passenger compartment enabling the driver to see behind and along the sides of the vehicle without turning around.

blinking lights click to hear : blinking lights

Flashing red lights at the front and rear of the bus that the driver activates at each stop to signal other vehicles to stop.

blind spot mirror click to hear : blind spot mirror

Exterior convex mirror providing a wider field of vision than a conventional mirror.