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arch bridge click to hear : arch bridge

Bridge whose deck is supported by suspenders attached to an arch, which exerts diagonal thrust against the lateral supports.
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trussed arch thrust lower chord deck abutment pier column portal frame upper chord arch

trussed arch click to hear : trussed arch

Arched girder consisting of two chords joined by a triangulated network of struts.

thrust click to hear : thrust

Point at which the arch is supported by the abutment.

lower chord click to hear : lower chord

Lower lengthwise steel girder forming the metal arch.

deck click to hear : deck

Set of components making up the structure that carries the bridge’s traffic lanes.

abutment click to hear : abutment

Base of the pier; it supports the arch’s weight and thrust.

pier click to hear : pier

Solid concrete construction acting as counterweight to the thrust of the arch against the abutment.

column click to hear : column

Sturdy component forming a vertical support.

portal frame click to hear : portal frame

Part of the deck’s frame over firm ground, lying on columns.

upper chord click to hear : upper chord

Upper lengthwise steel girder forming the metal arch.

arch click to hear : arch

Metal bow-shaped structure supporting the deck, whose load it transfers to the abutments.