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suspension bridge click to hear : suspension bridge

Bridge whose long deck is suspended from load-bearing cables, which are supported by the towers and anchored in the ground at both ends of the bridge.
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anchorage block foundation of tower deck center span tower side span abutment suspension cable suspender approach ramp

anchorage block click to hear : anchorage block

Concrete structure on each side of the abutment; it is buried deep in the ground and the end of the suspension cable is attached to it.

foundation of tower click to hear : foundation of tower

Solid concrete base that is anchored in the ground.

deck click to hear : deck

Set of components making up the structure that carries the bridge’s traffic lanes.

center span click to hear : center span

Section of the deck entirely suspended between the towers.

tower click to hear : tower

Elevated structure made of metal or reinforced concrete; it supports the cables.

side span click to hear : side span

Section of the span between the tower and the abutment.

abutment click to hear : abutment

Solid concrete construction whose mass counterbalances the weight of the suspended roadway.

suspension cable click to hear : suspension cable

Very strong, flexible component made of steel wires; it bears the weight of the deck.

suspender click to hear : suspender

Cable or metal rod connecting the suspension cable to the deck, supporting it.

approach ramp click to hear : approach ramp

Lane for accessing the bridge.